Why did you want to try out an internship abroad?
Actually, it was not the first internship I did abroad, the last one was with no doubt a great experience and I wanted to renew it, in a different environment. It is really valuable for skills improvement and network development. Indeed, you have to manage your life by your own and it developed your organizational skills.
Why did you choose Fintech industry in your internship abroad?
As I am enrolled in a Finance Master, I searched a work experience which could be related to the finance industry. Firstly, I was more oriented towards the banking sector, and finally when I was proposed with the opportunity. I’ve decided to give it a try. I thought it was really the best choice I have made. Because I always like to try out something new in life.
Why did you choose Singapore out of entire Southeast Asia?
I have never been to Asia before and I certainly do not know the language of Chinese. Therefore, I chose Singapore because I could communicate in English. Singapore was different from the cities that I have ever been before. The entire island was like a town and it is also one of the most developed places on Earth.
Singapore is at a good strategic location as I plan to travel all around South East Asia and Singapore is in the central. It is also one of the best place to be in if you want to live a European lifestyle.
Please tell us about the life in Singapore
You go to work in the day and in the night, you would make your plans or even hangout with your friends. You will meet all sorts of people and even people like myself. During the weekends, you can also take time out to go to the Sentosa Island and travel around. I like to go for Wakeboarding at Batam Island because they have activities where I really enjoyed myself.
Please tell us your most impressive experience during this Internship abroad
I have had a lot of experiences during this internship. But one that was really etched to my mind was that I was at an company even where I charter a yacht. It was really awesome to cruise around in Singapore and I went around Singapore waters for about 4 hours. I managed to catch the sunset and it was beautiful.
There was about 50 people in that event itself and I felt that the event was amazing. I even watch the Singapore Yachting show and I met people whom are really friendly from that event.
What were the things you felt that it was good for this entire internship abroad?
I think everyone was respectful and well educated. This is different from Europe and other countries. Singapore is also very safe and clean.
What were the things you felt that it wasn’t so good for this internship abroad?
I felt that the cost of living was a little high in Singapore. It costs you if you want to eat luxury food. Even the lodging in Singapore is not cheap. In Singapore, not everyday is a sunny day. You can get boring easily due the size of Singapore.
What are you planning to do after your internship abroad?
I will go back to France to finish one semester in school and move over to New York to complete my course of study and graduate. I plan to work for my father’s business.
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