Internship Experience #13 | Mr. Eugene
Why did you want to participate in an Internship?
As per my school requirement, it is mandatory for all students to go on internship during their final year in school. Personally, I felt that coming to internship was such a precious opportunity where I get to experience the working world for myself. Unlike being in school, where we were quite sheltered within the 4 walls of the class. I figured that this will also prepare me in advance when I enter into the workforce in the future.
Why did you choose to do IT in your Internship?
I’m currently studying Business Information Systems in my Polytechnic and choosing to do IT will greatly benefit me as I can apply what I have learnt in school into my internship. I have always wanted to experience what it feels like to be an IT Professional in a working environment as well.
Please share with us your specific job scope during your internship?
As an Intern, I had responsibilities such as carrying out the daily operational tasks of checking the office equipment to make sure that they are working. Aside from that, I also provided first level troubleshooting support for the users in the company. Whenever they encounter an issue with the IT equipment, I will give my best to assist them accordingly to solve the issues. On a weekly basis, I would help with the company’s website maintenance whereby we have to make sure that our company websites are running and functioning in a proper manner. I was also assigned with a project where I need to create and maintain new websites for the company that has launched over the months during my internship. It was also during this internship where I get to learn about how asset management and re-imaging of software is done.
How would you rate your internship experience at EPS Computer Systems Pte Ltd? What are your most interesting and memorable part of your internship work?
On the scale of 1-10, I would say my internship experience at EPS Computer Systems is 8/10. One thing I find interesting and memorable was that during this Internship was that I was also given the opportunity to experience how it feels like to work in a corporate environment of nearly 200 employees where I provide end user support. This experience itself added a whole new dimension of what it is like to work in the IT industry. Another thing that I appreciate during this internship was that beyond doing what I have learnt in school, I also learnt about the different kinds of IT in this company that I was in. An example would be networking which I was never exposed to in school. But I was exposed to it and given the opportunity to troubleshoot networking issues during this internship. I can proudly say that with this knowledge I have attained, it opens up another dimension of IT where I can venture in the future.
What were the things you felt that it was good for this entire internship?
I feel very welcomed to this company. Even though I came in as an intern but I felt like I’m part of the company. This is also made possible through my supervisor who trusts me and has given me opportunities to excel in things that I never though was possible. Also, being new to the new IT industry, I appreciate to have a very patient and understanding supervisor who guides me step by step in this internship. He will take the effort and go the extra mile to make sure that I really learn and understand something at the end of day. He will often share his experience with me on how I should approach certain situations in the future as well.
What were things you felt that it wasn’t so good for this internship?
I was very nervous during the first month of internship that I could not cope well. Also I was not very confident in my internship due to my limited skills and knowledge where I felt that I always has to trouble my supervisor and was not able to do much to help in the company. But it all changed when I realized how supportive my supervisors are to guide me in my baby steps to learning something different from what I did in school. Because of this, it gave me the confidence where I was able handle situations with a renewed perspective.
Does your internship experience match your expectation?
At the end of the day, this internship experience did match up to my expectation. The reason behind it was because I truly understood and experienced how it would be like to work in the IT industry in the future. Right here in EPS Computer Systems, I was given a tasks that tested me my abilities and skills but at the same time it also prepares to me work in this industry in the future.
What are you planning to do after your internship?
After my internship, I’m planning to go back to school to finish my final semester and I will graduate from my course. It was also in this internship where I developed a passion for IT and found out that in IT, it is a never-ending learning process. After I finish up my studies, I would like to pursue IT in the future because I was truly inspired during this internship.
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