Internship Experience #11 | Ms. Mina Kurosu
How did you know about internship abroad?
I found out that there is an option to experience how it feels like to work and live abroad through a seminar with regards to studying abroad at my university.
What is the main reason for you to join this internship abroad?
The main reason why I joined this program was that I wanted to improve my English skills and Social Communication skills. I wanted to also put English to good use as I have been taking lessons.
Why did you choose Southeast Asia as your choice for your internship abroad?
The reason why I chose Southeast Asia was that I thought there would be a higher demand for employees that were from Japan than from Europe and the US. After researching, I also figured that working in an office is the environment that I want to be in..
Why did you choose Singapore out of so many other Southeast Asia countries?
Singapore might be smaller than Tokyo, they play a significant role in Southeast Asia. I was curious to find out how a country like Singapore can play such an important role. As I observed the dynamics of the working environment in Singapore, I was shocked to find out the huge number of women who are working in Singapore which is deemed as ‘rare’ in Japan.
What have you benefitted from this internship abroad?
I felt that there is a clear direction in knowing what I want to pursue after this Internship. During my course of the internship, I worked in a Recruitment Agency and I have gained exposure to knowing the different kinds of industries that are in the workforce.
What was one thing that you didn't feel as enjoyable in this internship abroad?
I wasn't very good at making friends and there were only a few people that were around my age. However, everyone was very welcoming to me and they kept including me in their lunches and outings. But they were much older than me, hence I did not feel as comfortable as I would be communicating with people around my age.
What are you planning to do after this Internship?
I would like to improve my English skills as much as possible before graduating from the university. I saw the importance of being able to communicate properly in English when I’m at work. It is also important for me to score well for my TOEIC examinations as this is an English examination that is especially useful for business. I am going to lookout for another internship in Japan with similar environment so that I can put what I have learned in Singapore into good use.
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