Internship Experience #06 | Mr. Nina
Please introduce yourself.
I am Nina, 22-years-old and I’m from France. I am currently studying Management at my university. I joined this Internship program to gain some work experience before graduating from my University.
Why did you choose to have your internship abroad in Malaysia?
I feel that there is such a potential in Malaysia in terms of business. It is a multiracial nation that has a vast extent of land and resources. Having such resources creates an opportunity to start up a business. I also want to step out of my comfort zone by having a change in environment to experience something different.
Why did you choose this company?
One of the main reasons was I wanted to experience working with people from different countries and culture. I think it is important to understand how different people progress in terms of starting up new businesses and expanding their current business as well. I thought that I could learn about it by joining EPS which specializes in Recruitment. Another reason why I chose this company was that I found many positive reviews about EPS Malaysia when I was browsing the internet to research on companies.
What did you learn in the company?
They gave me roles where I could play a part to support recruitment and the marketing of the company. I also learned how the process orders, services, and payment. It was such good experience for me because I had so many opportunities to work with people from different race and culture.
Which parts of the company did you like?
There were many colleagues in the company that were. Even though some colleagues were more serious during work hours, they were totally different when they were outside of work as they were very friendly and fun to be with. My superior gave me the opportunity to take on jobs with a much higher sense of responsibility as I was performing well in my current tasks.
Can you give advice to future interns?
Here is my piece of advice for future interns: I feel that if you are interested in something, be bold to try it out. You should always take the initiative to start something or contribute as that makes you stand out from all of the other interns. Lastly, treasure every single moment during your internship because in the blink of an eye, your internship will be over. If you’re really interested in an internship abroad, challenge yourself and apply today!
Questions about internships in Malaysia?

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