Security Level in Singapore

We have received many questions from our students "How safe is Singapore to stay?". Yes, this is a key consideration point to decide where you conduct your internship as your own safety is more important than anything.

Singapore is actually one of the safest countries of the world. The above is a image from The Institute for Economics and Peace showing security level of each country of the world. Those countries in dark green are ones under the safest category, and those in light green comes after to the second safest category.

Unfortunately, Singapore is too small to find in this image, but actually Singapore's color is in dark green, which shows Singapore gives you a safe environment during your internship.

Voices of previous interns

Q. Do you think Singapore is a safe country?

Singapore is a very safe country that you can do your internship without worry. Even walking outside at night, I felt I was in safe. Of course, it is important to be alerted all the time. I also kept a table by just putting my bag, and that was unbelievable.
Yes, Singapore is safe and also people in Singapore are very kind, so please do not hesitate to ask for help if you have any problems. If you are looking for a safe country to do your internship, I will highly recommend Singapore for you!

It is always good to be careful overseas

You have already known how safe Singapore is, however it is always a good practice to be careful and to watch out while you are overseas as there still be some chances that unexpected things happen. To make your internship wonderful, let's keep your own safety even in one of the most safe countries.

Questions About Internships in Singapore?

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