How to ride public transportations in Singapore

Public transportation in Singapore has been well-developed, which you all can easily get to every part of Singapore without any hassles. The most common public transportation used in Singapore are SMRT trains, SBS Transit buses and Taxi. 

How to ride SMRT trains

SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) is a train line running all over Singapore. There are mainly 2 types of MRT tickets such as "Standard Tickets" and "EZ-Link Card" for you to ride it.

Standard Ticket is one-time ticket that you have to purchase every time you ride a MRT train. You can find ticket machines to purchase it near every station gate, and the ticket can be also re-used by topping up some credits at a ticket machine.

EZ-Link Card is a prepaid card, which you can just tap and go through a station gate, and this is more for those who stay in Singapore for a long period. You can purchase EZ-Link at any of station offices located right next to station gates. Once you run out of your credits inside your EZ-Link Card, you can top it up at ticket machines in any of MRT stations.

How to ride SBS Transit buses

SBS Transit (Singapore Bus Services Transit) is a bus service in Singapore. You can ride it by either cash or EZ-Link Card, which is used for MRT trains. Unlike MRT train stations, bus stops do not have any ticket machines to top up your EZ Link Card, so we highly recommend that you monitor the balance of your EZ-Link card if you often use buses in Singapore.

Little tips to take a bus in Singapore:

People in Singapore usually get on a bus from the front door and alight from the back door. Please do not get surprised if someone suddenly talk to you when you get on from the back door.

How to ride Taxi or Grab

Taxi is also one of the most common transporting method in Singapore, and this is because prices for cars in Singapore are very expensive, so people in Singapore often prefer to use taxi or Grab, which is quite reasonable, rather than purchasing their own cars.

How to take a cab is likely the same to your home country, however people in Singapore strictly follow the public rules, and not all taxi drivers would be willing to stop for you if you are where they are not allowed to pull over.

There is always a place called "Drop Off Point" around MRT stations or shopping malls, so please go to the nearest dropping off point to find a cab.

Grab App

Grab is a taxi booking app, which is commonly used in Singapore. Almost every one of us in here has this app in your smart phone. With this app, you can call a Grab taxi at anywhere and anytime. You can also check fee for a ride upfront, which is calculated based on the distance and timing, so there is no way that your driver can cheat on you.

Little tips to take a cab or Grab taxi in Singapore

Singapore has been a cashless country, and you hardly find difficulty not carrying cash with you. Nowadays, it is standard that cabs and Grab taxi have a device for you to be able to pay by either credit or debit card, however sometimes you may encounter those cabs with broken devices, and in such case you will be forced to pay in cash, so please always fill your wallet with some amount of cash as there may be no ATM machines around.

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