How to find a good accommodation in Singapore? (for interns)

We know you are wondering if you will easily find an accommodation in Singapore, and this is very common for everybody to worry about before arriving in a new country.Here below are some information of accommodations in Singapore, and how you can find it.

In general, it is very easy to find an apartment in Singapore. Foreign tenants often do not stay very long, so there is a permanent rotation and always a lot of free housing.

Types of Houses in Singapore

First, you better learn types of houses. Singapore has mainly 2 types of houses, which are HDB and Condominium. There are actually some more types of houses, however most of foreigners including both professionals and students live in either HDB or Condominium.

In Singapore, it is very common to share a house with other tenants. If you wish to have a whole unit alone, please consider that the price might be higher than you expect.

HDB (housing and development board)

HDBs are public houses in Singapore, the most common type of accommodations in Singapore, and more than 80 % of populations in Singapore lives in HDB. Costs of HDB are lower compared to the other types of accommodations in Singapore, yet you can comfortably live in Singapore. (especially those HDBs built in recent have very modern looking) and most of Singaporean live in HDB. Prices of rents for HDBs are usually between SGD 650 and SGD 950 per month depending on how you stay with minimum lease of 3 months.

HDB (shared house) SGD 650 to SGD 850 (common room)

SGD 750 to SGD 950 (maser room)


Condominium in Singapore

Condominiums are privately owned properties. Condominiums are more luxurious than HDBs, and usually equipped with common recreational facilities like swimming pool, 24/7 security, concierge, gyms, gardens, function rooms, BBQ pits, etc. Some condominiums have not only residences, but also some commercial spaces on their first few floors called Mixed Development.

In condominiums, you will notice those who with higher incomes such as expats and senior level Singaporeans live. Prices of rents for condominiums are usually between SGD 850 and SGD 2,500 per month depending on how you stay with minimum lease of 6 months.

Condominiums (shared house) SGD 850 to SGD 1,200 (common room)

SGD 1,000 to SGD 1,400 (maser room)

Condominiums (1 studio type unit) SGD 1,800 to SGD 2,500


Room Types in Singapore

Second, let's look at types of houses in Singapore. There are mainly 3 types of rooms to rent in Singapore such as “Common room”, “Master room” and "Studio type".

Most of rooms are furnished in Singapore, however please double check with your landlord when while you are viewing the house.

As mentioned above, it is very common to share a house with other tenants in Singapore, hence most of foreigners in Singapore rent one of the following rooms, and share common facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Common Bed Room

“Common bed room” is the most standard room in Singapore. It is usually furnished with a bed and closet, however you will need to share the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry, etc.

Master Bed Room

“Master bed room” is a bigger room with your own bathroom. The kitchen, laundry, dining, etc are usually shared with the other tenants. Master Bed Room can be used by 2 persons, and many of couples prefer to stay in a master bed room (if the owner allows)

Studio Type Unit

"Studio type unit" is a furnished unit house, which usually have 2 rooms (one room with kitchen and the other small room). As this is not a house sharing, you do not need to share any house equipment, however not many of foreign students choose this type of house for Singapore's high property cost.

How to find accommodations in Singapore

There are several ways to find the best accommodation, and here are 2 most common and easiest ways for foreign students.

Property Portal Websites

There are several free property portals available. You can filter and find the best property for your stay in Singapore. With property portals, you can look for your ideal accommodations freely, however all the communications and negotiations with the owners of properties are done by yourself.

Here below are some well-known property portals in Singapore.

Property Agency

Property Agency help you find and negotiate with hose owners for your ideal accommodation. This is much easier and faster way to look for an accommodation, however there is a fee, which is most of the time the same to your one-month rent.

Tips of finding a good accommodation

There are some tips to identify those accommodations I would like to avoid staying. Please double check the below with your owner of when you visit the house for viewing.

Basic tips of finding a house

Here are the least you need to check to find a great accommodation.

  • Distance from the nearest MRT or Bus stop
  • Distance from the nearest grocery mart
  • Distance to your working location
  • Who you are going to stay with (other tenants)
  • Double check on the rent, deposit and how you can pay

Utilities and who pays for it?

Utilities are very important for your to have a comfortable stay. Please double check if WiFi, water heater, laundry, air-condition, stoves, etc are working fine.

Also sometimes fees you see on a property portal does not include fees for utilities. (but most of time, it is included into your monthly rent) Please double check with the owner fees for utilities are included or excluded.

Can we cook in the house?

Many of property owners in Singapore do now allow their tenants to cook in their houses. (but light cooking are usually allowed) It may actually make sense if you consider the fact that you can eat out at a food court at $3 to $6 per meal.

Is the owner staying in the same house?

When you rent a room, your owner may also be living in the same house. we will not say that is bad, however we have heard many voices of tenants that they prefer stay without their owner. If you are also one of them, you better check it out.

Fully, partially or not furnished? If you only stay for 6 months or less, it could be a good thing to choose a fully furnished apartment. You’ll just have to bring your suitcase! If you need anything, just ask the landlord before signing the contract. If you stay for more than a year, you can easily find white goods and everything you need on online marketplaces.

Questions About Internships in Singapore?

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