What to do if you fall into sick in Singapore?

Whether you live abroad or just go for a trip, the question of health always arises. Let's furnish yourself with the least knowledge of what you need to do if you fall into sick in Singapore.

What to do when you are sick

What is the common process of seeing a doctor in Singapore?

There are hospitals and clinics in Singapore, and most of us usually go see a doctor at a clinic when you fall into sick. If your condition is getting more serious, then your appointed doctor will write a letter for you and ask you to go a hospital or see a specialist.

Please do not forget receiving a doctor's letter

When you see a doctor, the doctor will give you a letter, which you can submit to the HR of your company to take medical leave. Please take note of this as companies in Singapore usually do not approve your medical leave without a doctor letter.

Please be aware of your insurance

Medical cost in Singapore is high compared to the other Asian countries, especially if you go see a doctor at a private hospital. Nobody knows what will cause an accident even if you are very careful with your surroundings. Please purchase sufficient medical insurance before you come

Where to buy medical stuff in Singapore?

Singapore has 3 big pharmacy brands  "Watsons", "Guardian" and "Unity". Both brands have outlets everywhere in Singapore, so please go buy some medicines if you find yourself feeling unwell.

Can we bring my own medicines into Singapore?

You can bring your medicines into Singapore from your home country, however as each country has different laws, please double check if your medicine is not forbidden in Singapore. Also, if you bring your own medicines into Singapore, please make sure to have a prescription from your doctor before arriving in Singapore, especially if you need any specific treatment.

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