Internship Experience #08 | Mr. Taiki
How did you know about the internship abroad?
Back in US, when I was completing my studies, one of my friends told me that he would be going on an internship program, I thought that it will be great to gain some work experience and improve on my English skills. However, as I was assigned to practical training to be a teacher, I didn’t give much thought to it.
Why did you choose to do internship abroad?
After studying abroad and completing my practical training at a school, my mindset changed. At first, I wanted to learn English and become an English teacher. However, I decided to hone my English skills and I became interested to go for the internship abroad.
Why did you choose to do the internship abroad after graduating from the university?
I chose to do an internship instead of getting a permanent job immediately as I was inexperienced. I couldn’t decide on which career path to take after graduation.
How do you feel starting internship abroad right after you graduate?
People around my age has already landed on their first job in Japan. I was behind my peers and also lacking in terms of my English proficiency.
What was your role in the company?
My role was to support recruitment. Projects were run in teams and I was surprised at the fast work efficiency of my colleagues.
Were there any expectations before you started the internship abroad and how was it like after you have completed?
Before I started my internship, I thought that I would only be learning about recruitment. I assumed that the duties did not carry much responsibility. However, they empowered me with tasks of great responsibilities as well. I was able to join in the meetings and participate in the discussions.
What were the differences between study abroad and internship abroad?
I felt that the biggest difference was socializing with people. When I was studying abroad, I could make friends easily as they had the same interests as me. On the other hand, most of the people whom I have met during internship were older than me. But they gave me valuable pieces of advice in life. I learned the true meaning of teamwork and taking on responsibilities.
What are your plans for the future?
I will be returning to Japan to get a job from an international company or a domestic company which does businesses overseas. I would like to connect Okinawa, my hometown, and foreign countries by utilizing this internship experience.
What advice would you give to future interns who want to go for the internship abroad?
It may not be easy to go for an internship after graduating. It is like taking a “different step” from your peers. If you have ever considered taking up internship abroad during your college years, you should do it now! It will be difficult to travel abroad, after graduation and having a career. Be eager to learn and try your very best in going for internships abroad!
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