Internship Experience #01
Why did you want to try out an internship abroad?
When I was studying abroad in Australia, I felt that I have improved in my English proficiency.
However, this was not sufficient in the business context. Therefore, I decided to do an internship.
Why did you choose the human resource industry in your internship abroad?
I wanted to know what careers were available in Japan. If I join the human resource industry, I could learn about the different kinds of industries and occupations that are available.
Why did you choose Malaysia out of entire Southeast Asia?

Please tell us about the life in Malaysia.The food in Malaysia was simply amazing. There are many malls, restaurants and the prices here are much cheaper than in Japan. As for my accommodation, I lived in a new condominium and I really liked it. Transportation was cheap as well. I was surprised that apps such as Uber and Grab make travelling very convenient.What were the things you felt that it was good for this entire internship abroad?I had lots of opportunities to contact both Japanese and local clients. Clients from foreign companies were very friendly.What were things you felt that it wasn’t so good for this internship abroad?I faced situations such as taking a long time to report and ask questions. I regretted taking matters into my own hands. If something went wrong, my boss had to take the responsibility.What are you planning to do after your internship abroad?I have 2 years of studies left till I graduate. I will start on my job hunting by using the knowledge about industries and occupations that I attained through this internship.

Questions about internships in Malaysia?

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