Internship Experience #04
Why did you want to do an internship in Singapore?
Since I wanted to learn English, Singapore is geographically connected to Japan, and the lifestyle in Singapore is similar to that in Japan. However, the biggest reason was my eagerness to intern in a growing Southeast Asia market.
What do you think good things to study abroad in Singapore?
The most attractive point of Singapore is its diversity. It was a stimulating experience to interact with diverse people for me, having only opportunities interacting with people from same nationality, Japan.
Also, those were attractive they have a high standard of living, and I can go trip other Southeast Asian countries easily.
What was your hardship to study abroad in Singapore?
Singaporean speak “Singlish,” so it was hard to understand until I would get used to it. On the other side, I could know it was not everything that English I have learned in textbook in school.
What are your feelings after the internship abroad has ended?
I felt that I made the right decision in choosing Singapore as a destination of staying abroad. More than anything, these 6 months in Southeast Asia was simulating for me. Through this internship abroad. I thought that we should learn from other countries to be more flexible in our actions and thoughts. In addition, this internship abroad enabled me to set clearer life goals.
Questions About Internships in Singapore?

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