Internship Experience #10 | Ms. Rui Watanabe
When did you start thinking to go abroad?
It was a family trip to Hawaii when I was a kid. It became my turning point in wanting to speak English. Afterwards, I went to study abroad to Canada in the second grade of high school, and I majored in English Literature in my university.
Why did you choose Singapore as an internship abroad destination?
I had visited Singapore twice before for holidays. I wanted to learn how to launch my own business in the center of Southeast Asia while looking at global companies in the Singapore’s financial district.
How did you feel before your departure?
I was excited to do an intern in a brand-new environment like Singapore and couldn’t wait to travel. I didn’t have any prior working experience, thus I yearned to start working in Singapore. At the same time, I had set my heart on making this intern a valuable experience.
How did you handle difficulties faced during the internship abroad?
I always ask myself why I am doing this internship. I tackled as many tasks as possible with the help of my colleagues. I considered how I could handle each problem that I would face.
What was your job scope?
I supported recruitment and web marketing. In particular, web marketing was an experience that I could utilize in my future career since I was involved in establishing the website. I could tackle the tasks under a good and tense atmosphere due to weekly reporting meetings.
What were other memories besides jobs?
My boss and colleagues took me out to have food and we hung out together. They made a comfortable environment for me both in and out of office. It was a great memory to meet such friendly people in Singapore.
Could you tell us your next vision?
I could analyze my strengths and weaknesses through this internship. I would like to improve my strengths and overcome weaknesses during the rest of my university life. Also, I will utilize what I have learnt for job hunting in my home country and start my own business.
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Please challenge as many tasks as you can and make the most of your precious opportunities! Also, please don’t forget to enjoy living in foreign country and make every single day productive!
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