Please introduce yourself.
I majored in Biology-Oriented Science and Technology at a Japanese university. After I graduated, I had worked in a Japanese company as a salesman for 3 years. Afterwards, I decided to challenge going abroad and did a long-term internship in Canada.
Why did you decide to do an internship abroad?
I had been traveling around the world during my gap year in university. At that time, I visited Canada, and I was stimulated by Japanese people whom I met there. Then, I came to think about working abroad after graduating.
Were you worried about living in a foreign country? What did you feel after you left your home country?
I didn’t have much worries since I had experienced living abroad and knew it was safe and cuisines were to my liking. After leaving Japan, I felt that I could success in a global stage.
Please describe company where you worked and your job scope there.
The company was an electrical manufacturer. I was an administrative assistant and reception. I had been struggling to get used to practical English, it was fun for me to take care of people from various countries. I also felt I could get new experiences by using English.
What did you do during your off days?
During my off days, I just chilled and relaxed at cafes and went shopping. My co-workers were very friendly. They took me to sightseeing spots and local restaurants on weekends, so I could enjoy my free time.
Canada is a good country for internships in terms of learning English and living abroad. Due to its diversity, you will be attracted by various cultures there.