Internship Experience #02
Please introduce yourself.
I’m currently junior of university and major in cross-cultural communication.
What made you to do an internship abroad?
I convinced I could get actual working experience, acquiring practical English skills, and living in foreign country through an internship abroad. My father has been Singapore before and recommended me to go for an intern since it was safe and center of business in Asia.
Were you worried about staying abroad? What did you feel after staying?
I had no bad image about living in Singapore, so I wasn’t worried about something specially. When I actually started living I didn’t feel homesick since the living standard was high and safe as I had heard from my father, and I could find some Japanese around.
What was your job scope?
I mostly supported recruitment at a local staffing agency. My responsibility was connecting job seekers from Malaysia and companies. Therefore, I needed to find resumes which fit job listings, and call client companies.
What did you do on weekends?
My colleagues took me out to go shopping, karaoke, and movies since most of my colleagues were female. Also, I loved browsing sightseeing spots and cafes.
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You can learn many things from meeting people and experiencing through an internship abroad. Enjoy every single day of your life in foreign countries!
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