About us

Intern-Story is an internship provider based in Southeast Asia. with 8 regional offices (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan), we deliver professional internship experiences to students from all over the world.

Intern Story is also an local recruitment & staffing firm operating more than 26 years, and it makes us possible to serve you with a large database of local companies to find your own internship experience in Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, you may often hear “Internship abroad”; however, most of them will be just experiences in foreign countries or jobs which you can experience in your country. At Intern Story, our professional career consultants will advise your the best experience for your with your future career.

International Internship Programmes

Intern Story provides 4 types of International Internship Programmes.

Long Term Internship

[3 to 6 months]

Short Term Internship

[1 to 3 months]

Internship + Placement

[Full time employment]

Strengths of Intern Story

Local offices

We support through counseling with on-the-ground support since we have offices in each country as follows 1 office in Singapore, 4 offices in Malaysia, 1 office in Philippines, 1 office in Thailand. Because of this, we can introduce you to trusted local companies.

Local Companies

Intern Story is part of a business in a recruitment agency in Southeast Asia which has been running for more than 25 years. These networks of personnel and database of both local and foreign companies which have been created will make us possible to find the best company (especially local companies) for you.

Career Experts

Our staffs are from all over the world including Singaporean, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, French, and more. Moreover, more than 90% of the staffs have a license as a local career consultant. As they have deep knowledge about local labour laws, there wouldn’t be incidents such as “I was illegally working while I was ignorant” which is common in overseas internship.

Recruitment Support

Intern Story also has an overseas career change support. We encourage you to get a job overseas after the internships.


Countries Intern-Story Supports


Singapore has the 3rd highest income per capita in the world making Singapore one of the wealthiest country in Asia. This city state is a of a melting pot filled with cultures from around the world. Having an internship here will give an unforgettable opportunity to experience both old and new in harmony.


Malaysia is located in South East Asia between Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Malaysia comprises a mainland that is connected to Thailand, 2 states in Borneo island, and many smaller islands. Like Singapore, Malaysia is filled with diverse cultures and races living together in peace and harmony.

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