For Employers

Intern Story is a platform to introduce international students to our clients in the Southeast Asia. Our students are from all over the world, and they are able to work for your organization for up to 6 months.


What Can Interns Do for You!?

International Interns can be great help for your organizations. They are highly motivated and eager for self-improvement as they are at your place to learn. Here below are the areas where you can utilize international interns.

Native Language

Interns can open up more business opportunities by using their own languages.

New Trends

Interns can give you what new trends among younger generations are.

Temporal Help

Interns can be a temporal help at the peak period of your business.


Interns are helpful in admin work, and you can focus on the technical work.


Hiring interns can actually be an investment for the next generation.

Company PR

Hiring interns get attentions, which gives you a chance to promote your company's business.


If interns appreciate for your company, they often bring business opportunities in the future.

Office Environment

Interns are hard working, and many of them make better results than employees. This will pressurize your staff.

Note on What Interns Can Do!?
This is subject to that your organization provides a proper work environment for students.



How to Hire International Students for Your Organizations

  • Sourcing Students

    We will source international interns based on the job description provided.

  • Interview Sessions

    We will arrange video interviews for you to see the student's suitability. We will arrange face-to-face interviews if the student is physically in your country.

  • Offer & Acceptance

    We will confirm your offer and the intern's acceptance based on the intern's start date, salary, benefit, working hours, working location, etc.

  • Preparations

    We will help the student for the necessary preparations including the student's visa application, flight ticket, accommodation, etc.

  • Commencement

    We will conduct an orientation upon the student's arrival at your country to make sure that the student is furnished with enough information of the country and your organization.