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Malaysia is located in South East Asia between Singapore,
Thailand, and Indonesia. Malaysia comprises a mainland that is connected to
Thailand, 2 states in Borneo island, and many smaller islands. Like Singapore,
Malaysia is filled with diverse cultures and races living together in peace and

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Basic information and requirements of Internship in Malaysia. Please check them out before you submit your application.

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Work Visa for Internship in Malaysia

There are some conditions to apply for your work permit in Malaysia such as :-

  • Your job scope during your internship must be relevant to your study.
  • Maximum duration is 12 months, and it must be one contract per project. (No extensions are allowed)
  • Agreement from your school in signature.
  • You must be able to obtain minimum bachelor degree from your school at the end of your courses.

Those students who seek to do your internship in Hotel are required to have some more conditions such as :- 

  • Maximum duration for an internship at a hotel is 6 months. (not renewable)
  • The hotel must be minimum a 4 star hotel.
  • The intern can only apply once for internship at any hotel in Malaysia.

Why you should do an internship in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations among interns, and here below are why Malaysia attracts students so much.

A country full of culture

There will be unique culture and way of living in every town and district throughout the whole country. Art lovers will be captivated by the art scene in every city. Travel to Kelantan, a state in north Malaysia, and be immersed in Wayang Kulit, storytelling using shadow puppets. Or take a Gamelan class, a traditional ensemble made up of percussive instruments.

Many islands to explore

With over 800 islands that make up Malaysia, you can spend your weekends exploring some of them! From the sandy beaches in Tioman Island, hiking up Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo Island, diving with the sharks in Sipadan Island, to trekking in Penang National Park in Penang Island, Malaysia will satisfy the adventurer’s thirst.

Tropical weather

Malaysia is a tropical country located near the equator. This means the weather is often near high 20°C to low 30°C all year round and very humid with the average relative humidity is 84.2%. Rainfall in expected all year round with torrential rain nearing the end of the year in Peninsula Malaysia.

Cost-effective country to do an internship

Things in Malaysia are reasonably cheap, which are really helpful for those students who conduct their internships with a tight budget. (Although allowances in Malaysia are also lower)

Malaysia gives you a very well-balanced environments in terms of cost of living, life quality, and professionalism of companies. 

Internship Experience in Malaysia

I did my internship at a local consulting firm in Malaysia, and we thank Intern Story for this amazing opportunity, and I did not just enjoy Asia, but also I gained a number of new knowledge during my internship
Business Development
I worked as a sales for 6 months in Malaysia, and it was a wonderful experience. I am actually thinking to continue my study in Asia.
Thank you for the opportunity!
Sales Intern
I am very happy to have done an internship at a hotel in Langkawi, Malaysia as my dream in the future is also to work at hotel in Japan, and provide services to foregin guests who travel Japan.
Saki Ishi
Guest Relation

How is the life in Malaysia?

Internship in Malaysia gives you not only working experience, but also a chance to learn Malaysian culture, and how people live in Malaysia. The Malaysian people are very laid back, especially outside urban areas. Once you get to know them, they are very kind, generous, and extremely friendly. Most people are able to converse in basic English as the Bahasa Melayu is the national language.

Accommodation in Singapore


Housing is one of the biggest expenses as Malaysia the cities you will be interning are very densely populated. It is possible to look just for renting a room however, there will be some limitations such as not being able to use the kitchen to cook meals. Other options will be to look at hostels or Airbnb. If needed, we will be happy able to assist in recommending accommodations for you.

Food in Singapore


Malaysian food reflects strongly on the multiethnic backgrounds of the population: Malays, Chinese, Indians, and various indigenous groups of people. Rice is often the most important staple food in the country followed by noodles. The national dish is Nasi Lemak, which consists of hard boiled eggs, chilli paste, peanuts, sliced cucumber, and dried anchovies. However, like many dishes in Malaysia, different regions of the country cook the dish differently due to the unique culture in the particular area. For foodies, consider taking weekend trip to Georgetown in Penang Island. This city is often considered one of the best street food cities in Asia.

MRT in Singapore


Public transport in Kuala Lumpur comprises of the MRT or LRT (the train services), and buses. The train provides the most efficient way to travel to the major parts of the capital city. Buses will get you to places where the train will not be able to.

Rather than fly to cities in peninsula Malaysia, you can use the bus to travel. To travel to other islands in Malaysia, you can either fly there or take a ferry from a nearby city.

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