Process to start your internship

Intern Story provides professional and dedicated service for those who are seeking internship opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia. Kindly take note of our 6 steps to start your own internship. For eligibility of the application, please visit Singapore Internship or Malaysia Internship.


  • 1.Application

    Please submit your application through either Internship Openings page or Apply page. Our consultant will review your application, and contact you to arrange a “Skype video call” to understand your needs and interests.

  • 2.Skype Counselling

    We will hear out what your needs and interest are such as specific industries of job roles that you are looking for. We also share with you how Southeast Asian life is like.After we hear your needs, we will start introducing hosting companies that you would be interested to work for.

  • 3.Introduction of Companies

    Based on your needs shared during the Skype Counselling, we will introduce hosting companies. We will send your profile to the company, if you are interested.

  • 4.Skype Interview

    Skype video interviews will be conducted as part of the selection process. In some cases, you are required to fill up the company’s application form before the interview.Results of interviews will come out in a few days to a week.

  • 5.Acceptance of Offer

    You can decide whether you take a offer from a company or not. We will keep introducing companies until you find a company you like.

  • 6.Preparation for Internship

    You will have to start preparing for your upcoming internship. It can take up to 2 months including your visa application. We will advise you further on the preparation process.

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